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Our Services

StormCity Roofing

StormCity Roofing is an Hull based Roofing Contractor focused on supplying a high quality service through the supply of the highest quality materials and extraordinary roofing installation practises. Through our multiple divisions our services range from substantial heritage roofing restoration projects to small residential roof repairs and roof maintenance. We provide a range of roofing design, installation, maintenance, restoration and maintenance services throughout Hull.

Design & Planning

StormCity Roofing

At StormCity Roofing we believe that our fast and reliable roofing service along with our standard of workmanship are what set us aside from other roofing specialists and contractors – our competitors. Moreover we offer:

  • High quality workmanship on all roofing jobs big or small
  • 25 years experience in the roofing business
  • Free roof covering inspections and estimates
  • Quotations off the plan
  • Seven years guarantee on all craftsmanship
Our Roofing Services Include:

Flat Roofing in Hull

Taking you through the complete operation from planning to completion, StormCity Roofing have a team of expert roofer’s who’re on hand to provide the right flat roof for your property. With a range of diverse materials, and options available we’re sure to have the roof for you.

If you’re unsure which roofing option is the best for you then why not ask the team? After taking into consideration the size of your roof and your requirements we can advise you on the best roofing choice for you.

Felt Roofing in Hull

Our skilled roofer Hull is able to replace or repair your felt roof quickly and proficiently, where ever you are in Hull.

You will find that every job we undertake is cost-effective and we only use premium quality products to industry standards. 

Whether you need a minor repair or a new felt roofing installation we can help.

Slate Roofing in Hull

The favourite and cost effective roof covering in the UK, slate and tile coverings for your house or business is a good solution, providing an attractive appearance and working out an inexpensive and resilient choice for all conditions. Roofs which are slated or tiled for most properties will normally last for many years, protecting your premises for years . There is minimal maintenance required for these kinds of roofs and you’ve got the option of countless colours / shades and styles for your slates and tiles.

GRP Roofing in Hull

Our professional grp flat roofing services are great if you’re looking for fibreglass flat roof in Hull. Do you want to replace your old flat roof for a long lasting fibreglass solution? We will to help you achieve all your grp roofing needs using our expertise.

The flat roof we provide will be design and quality led. The entire finish will be to seem like the flat roof was designed with the original house design and the materials used and the labor used will be of high standard and all employed will be respectful and thoughtful in their work and manner to clients.

Our workmanship and expertise makes us one of the leading flat roofing contractors in the market. If you’re looking to replace the flat roof on your home, then our GRP fibreglass roofing systems are for you.

Roof Repairs & Roof Maintenance Hull

Roofs require regular maintenance to avoid expensive repairs or full roof replacements. At StormCity Roofing we specialize in roof repairs and roof maintenance of all roof types, including slate, tiles and metal roofing. We’ve been repairing roofs throughout Hull since 2005 and we have over 25 years knowledge of all aspects of roof maintenance, restoration and repair.

The following are areas that commonly require attention:

  • Slipped & damaged tiles / slates
  • Ridge / Hip re-pointing,
  • Guttering renewal,
  • Valley & flashing replacement

Our team of estimators can inspect, access and diagnose problems on all roof types and supply cost-free quotes to carry out our roof maintenance and repair work.